WIP Author Progress Bar WordPress Plugin

Welcome to the Author Work in Progress Bar WordPress plugin page.

You can see this plugin in action by looking at the sidebar on the right-hand side of this page.

You can also generate shortcode to copy and paste anywhere in a Post or Page within WordPress. You can see that example below:

Easily Create WIP Progress Bar Like This One:

63% Complete
50 of 80 words
Type any text you want here.



You can download the plugin directly by clicking here (manual installation)

OR right from your WordPress Dashboard (click on “add new plugin”, then search for “WIP Author Progress Bar”).

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin you will be able to add very cool progress bars (AKA progress meters) to show the current status of your WIP on your WordPress powered website.

Below are the instructions on how to setup your progress bar.

You have two options when setting up the WIP-Progress Bar:

  1. Widgets – you can add progress bars into your theme’s sidebars via Widgets
  2. Shortcode – you can add progress bars wherever you want inside your Posts or Pages by copying and pasting a shortcode.


Note – You can click on any of the images below in order to enlarge them.

Click here for video tutorials.

Add a Progress Bar to Sidebar(s) via Widgets


From your WordPress Dashboard navigate to “Appearance” then “Widgets”.

You will see your available widgets here.



Look for the “Progress Bar Setup” widget and “drag and drop it” into the sidebar that you want to display the progress bar in.



If you don’t want to “drag and drop” you can also click on the “Progress Bar Setup” and add it to the sidebar you want this way:



Enter the data and select the progress bar colors, height, etc. that you want to display in your sidebar.




Once the data has been entered, click on  the “Save” button to publish progress bar.


To update your progress bar, simply go back to the “Progress Bar Setup” in Widgets and update the “Current” word/page count.



Add Progress Bar to Post/Page via Shortcode


From the Dashboard navigation menu, click on “Progress Bar” to enter the data needed to generate the shortcode.


Enter the data and click the “Generate Shortcode” button…


Copy the shortcode to your clipboard


Paste the shortcode into your Post/Page content field (visual or text okay)


And the progress bar will be added to wherever you pasted the shortcode.


In order to update your word/page count, go to your Post/Page and click on the “Edit” button. Update the word/page count and click on the “Update” Post/Page button.


Required Field

The only required field for the WIP Bar is the “Unit of Measure”. You can’t have a progress bar without that data. If you add the widget or shortcode without it, you will see this error:



Multiple Progress Bars

You can add multiple progress bars to your Post/Page by copying and pasting their corresponding shortcodes into the editor.


And in the Sidebar by adding as many of the “Progress Bar Setup” widgets as you want to display.



That allows you to display multiple progress bars in your Post/Page and/or Sidebar(s).


Video Tutorials

Install and activate the WIP Progress Bar for Authors Plugin


How to setup and add a word or page progress bar tracker for writers via Widgets.


How to add your WIP Progress Bar anywhere in a Post or Page by generating a shortcode with one click that can be copied and pasted into the Post or Page.